Question  :   How can I add a large photo slideshow to 'My Profile'?
Answer  :   - After you login to the network, click on 'Photos' tab at the top navigation menu.
- Click on 'My Photos'
- Copy the large version code from 'Get a slideshow of these photos' on the left sidebar
- Go to 'My Page'
- Click the 'Myshutterspace Box' Edit button
- Add a new title and paste your code (ctrl+v)
- Feel free to delete the following code (just right after the code);

Question  :   How to delete my photos ?
Answer  :   Go to Photos > My Photos page and click on your photo that you want to
delete.  Scroll down a bit, just below the Google Ads you'll see the
Delete Photo button.

Question  :   How to delete someone on my friends list ?
Answer  :   Click on 'View Friend Requests' icon on top left hand corner of your page,  then you'll see your friend list with a 'remove' button under your friend profile photo.


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